Playlist Permission - Artist

I am trying to give artist permission, so they could add other artists daily into a playlist ? I cannot seem to find the option, right now they can only add their own daily into a playlist.


Hi He,

By default the Artist permission group is only allowed to modify Versions they have created. Adding a Version to a Playlist involves modifying the Playlists field on the Version itself.

Could you describe your review workflow to us? Are artists adding other users Versions to playlists as a courtesy, or is it for some other purpose like to have some related reference on hand?



Following up on Brandon’s comment, we do see some clients grant more authority to Artists than others. In this instance, it can be best to duplicate the Manager Permission group and make an “Artist Plus”. Then go into the new group and modify the settings to more closely match the Artist group.

The reason to do this is that there are certain, non-modifiable conditional permissions (see Brandon’s comment for an example). You can see those by going to the Summary of the Permission Group (although they can be a little hard to translate).

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Thanks, It looks like Under Playlist Filed > Version ‘Edit’ has already been enabled for artist.

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Yup. I think the issue as Brandon mentioned is from the other side. Playlists<->Versions is a Field where Playlists can contain multiple Versions, and Versions can be linked to multiple Playlists.

So from the Version, the Playlists Field is what is locked. If you hover over Edit on Version->Playlists in the Permissions UI, you’ll notice that, although it is checked, it has an asterisk and says “(custom)”. So that side of the connection is locked down.

If you look through the Summary for “Version”, you’ll find a conditional permission:
“Conditionally update fields in Version: CONDITION ON *”
What it says after that is, if the “User” on the Version is the person trying to change the Field, they can. If they aren’t in the User Field, they can’t.

Hope that helps.


Hi Matt,
We also have this problem.
We already have a “Lead Artist” permissions group, but I don’t seem to be able to edit this to allow these users to create playlists with other artists versions.
I don’t want to have to duplicate and edit a more elevated permissions group to resolve this. That being the case, is there any way for us to edit the permissions to achieve this or does it require SG to edit settings for our site at the back-end?