Permission People Exceptions and custom

Hi !

I’m lost with the permission.

What does it mean ? how can I change that ?

I’ve changed the permissions of a group so they can create playlist. It works on the “Playlist Page” but not from de “Version Page”. I don’t know what’s going on…

What error do they get on the Versions page?

This is what we have

and the pencil is crossed

Do they have permissions to change the version details and change the versions playlists field?

I don’t know what is the version detail but for tghe version playlist that’s what we have :

It’s written custom and I can’t change it. Even from the field itself

Which permission group is this?
If you used the Artist of Vendor Permission group (or cloned them) then they have special permissions.

For example. an artist can only edit their own version and not anyone elses.
is that what may be happening?
You seem to be running into a conditional permission.

Yes that’s what I think happened. We’ve reset the permission group with the artist default…

Do you know if there is a way to change it without reset it all again ?