New roles and semi admin permissions

Hi, I am having a problem with permissions management. I’ve created another group that is called HR. Since my studio is using freelance artist on per weekly basis their job is to manage freelance accounts, turn them on/off, assign projects etc. All is good beside the fact that I cannot give them permission to change the users from active to disabled

When I go to : Field Permissions -> Person -> Status - and check everything. I save it, but it goes back to unchecked. What am I missing here ?

thanks in advance


Hey Flint78
What permission role did you base this new HR group off of? If it was any group other than admin, then there’s likely a conditional permission, such that users in the group can only change their own personal details.
Generally speaking, if you need a permission role to do ‘admin-type stuff’ (and we consider enabling new users, admin work as you’re charged for those new users) then best practise is to start with the admin role, and remove permissions.
You can disable some of the core admin user-perms as we’ve broken them out into their own discrete options. Check out this guide for more info: