I have created pages for supervisors and leads at the company I work for, and would need them to be able to change statuses on notes, from their personal pages. Their set of permissions was created from the artist permissions group. It seems that there are conditional permissions that prevent them to change statuses on notes that they have not created themselves, which was the main goal for the pages I created - is there a way to find out which conditions would need to be overturned for them to be able to do so, or should we be creating an entirely new permissions group?

Thank you for looking into this and helping me out with any info you may have.




‘Artist’ group has some limitations that cannot be handled by someone else than Shotgun team, and it seems your new rights group inherited these limitations.
I can see two options:

  • redo the whole permission group using a higher group than ‘artist’ has basis
  • ask Shotgun team to change the settings of your permission group



I would like to go with the second option please - let me know if you need more info, or if I need to be directed to someone else for this request.

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As I am not from the Shotgun team myself I prefer to let them answer you :wink:

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Yes of course, thank you - will they be answering me here, or should I move my question to another forum?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @dloubier,

Welcome to the forums! Please write us at with the details of the changes and we can open a ticket to get this done for you. We handle these sorts of requests off the forums.