Allowing artists to self assign tasks

Hey all,

New user here and just trying to figure some stuff out. I was wondering if it is possible in shotgun to allow artists to assign themselves to tasks via Shotgun Create.

Basically, the idea is this:

  • import my shots
  • apply a task template with workflows etc
  • artists can see all tasks available and assign their name

I figure this can be done pretty easily via the web browser and a custom permissions group. Something like changing the Field Permissions for Tasks / Assign To / and check ‘Edit’.

Can something like this be done via Shotgun Create?

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Hey @rallison08—moving this over to the #shotguncreate category to get the right eyes on it. :slight_smile:

Hey @rallison08!

We don’t have a pool assignment workflow for tasks at the moment. You can assign reviewers in this way by using groups. If the person is in the group it will show up on their “My Review” page. In the image below you can see the group “Contractor” which might contain a set of reviewers for contractor work… At the moment to do group assignments for tasks like this you would need to do this through the webapp.

I will add your feedback though to the other requests around this workflow. Thanks for dropping us a note about it!