How to filter users that aren't in the current project


I’m looking for a way to prevent a user from being assigned to a task in a project that they don’t have access to. I tried to add a conditional formatting rule to highlight the problem but wasn’t able to find a way to get to the user’s list of projects. I’m sure I can write a plugin that will undo the assignment but that might not be the best user experience to see your assignment disappear without a notification as to why.

Please let me know if you have thoughts on how to deal with this issue.



Hey Stewart, thanks for writing in. Right now, there’s no way to prevent a user not assigned to the project, to be assigned a task in that project.
This may seem counter-intuitive, but we have studios using this functionality - for example to schedule artists on projects that are in the planning stages, so aren’t suitable for general viewing.
If the issue is mainly to do with Artists seeing these tasks - if you have the permission: `see assigned projects’ checked on for the artist permission role, then they won’t see these project tasks, even if they’re assigned.



Thanks Mason. I can see how that could be useful. In this case though I’m pretty sure the person assigning the user thought the assignee would be able to get to the task. I’m mostly looking for a way to warn the person that the assignment they made is invalid. Then it can be up to them to leave it or not.

Hi @Stewart !

I would also love to have functionality that flags when a user being assigned to a task is not assigned to the current project.

This does not work because you can only pull information through fields that are single entity, not multi-entity. The Assigned To field is a multi-entity field.

I have a workaround which is not perfect… You could create a People page with a filter like this:

A user wouldn’t get instant feedback, but someone could keep an eye on this page - and would instantly know if anyone has been assigned a task that they shouldn’t be assigned to.

I know this isn’t a solution, but hope it helps!


Thanks @Govind_Kalburgi I’ll give that a try.


I’d like to bring this thread back to life. I’m having the same issue where producers will assign tasks to users not within the project crew, and not realizing why. Then they just wind up messaging the person with the task info in Slack. Education is part of the problem, but there should also be a setting that could fix this. For example:

  1. Turn off the forced filtering of projects by crew. If desired, all team members should be able to see all projects.
  2. Create an automation rule stating that if user is assigned a task and they are not currently added as project crew, add that user to project crew.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Ryan

  1. Turn off the forced filtering of projects by crew. If desired, all team members should be able to see all projects.

That’s possible now - there’s an option in the permission set under Advanced so that users with that permission group can see all projects.



Bringing this puppy back to life.

This keeps biting us in the butt, and we’re considering setting up a process that runs in the background to set users who have tasks on a project but aren’t assigned to be assigned to that project.

That said, I dont’ want to do this because it’s the project assignment that we use to control project access and this could break that. All we really need is a warning for producers when assiging a task that the artist isn’t in that project. Is that something we could add on our end somehow?

If you have an event daemon (or web hooks) running already that sounds like a fairly easy plugin to write.

On task change check for users added to the assignees (and cced?) field. Query those users to see which projects they are in (or if they are an admin) to see if they have access to the task’s project. Then email the user that triggered the event if someone without access to the project was added to the task.


Thanks! We’ll try.