Make users(People) see that only projects they assigned

Hi guys,

I want to make users can see projects they assigned.
If we pretend there are three projects in a site,
“A” is assigned to project “1”,“2”. When “A” login to the site, he sees only Project “1” and"2".

I have tried many times, but I could find out the solution yet.

Please help me.



By default, a user has to be part of the people field on that project to be able to see that project.
Simply assigning them a task on that project does not make them able to see the project.

Thank you Ricardo.

I just have noticed that administrative role users can see all projects even they are not assigned.
When I change their role to “artist” unassigned projects disappeared in their menu bar.


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Yes, you can change this as well. There is a Permission setting which allows that permission group to see “all projects” instead.

It depends on what you want and how your security is managed.


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