Cannot See Task Templates Tasks When Users are Allowed to See Assigned Projects Only

Sometimes you will fall into this dilemma that, users on certain permission role could see task templates but cannot see any task of that task template. How we can get these users to see the tasks under a template?

You are seeing this behavior due to the advanced permission ruleset checked on that role.

With this option ticked, users could only see information of the project(s) they are assigned on. So task templates they are seeing are either templates that are restricted to the project(s)they are on, or templates with on restrictions that could be used on all projects.(They could not see templates that are restricted to projects they are not on.)

With that said, since users could see these task templates they are supposed to see, why they could not see any task under these task template? This is because tasks under task template are non-project tasks, which do not belong to any project (thus been excluded due to the See Assigned Projects Only * permission ruleset.

You need to checked the advanced [See Non-Project Tasks option* ] for that permission role in order for them to see tasks under task templates.

It could only be a problem when you have See Assigned Projects Only checked and still would like users to see tasks of task templates.