How do I filter out Task Templates from my Task List?

We have “Task Templates” where I am the default “Assignee”.

These Task Templates are appearing in Gantt and Task Lists were I am filtering by myself or my Department as Assignee. This is confusing our scheduling.

How do I filter out these “Task Templates” so that they don’t appear in these lists?



Hi @khug,

Thanks for writing in and welcome to the community! :wave:

Are you within a Project level Task page and seeing Template Tasks in your list of Project level Tasks? Or are you in a global Task level page that shows Tasks from all Projects?

Tasks that belong to Task Templates shouldn’t be showing up in your regular Task lists, whether it be Project level or Global, but I’m curious what level of Task page you are using.

Could you please address me in a ticket with this info to and:

  • Include the URL to a page where you are seeing these erroneous Template Tasks
  • Give me the Id of a couple of Tasks that you have identified as Template Tasks that you don’t think should be on that page.

I’m going to need to dig a bit deeper to understand what you are seeing.

For anyone following along, once I have the solve, I will be sure to post here :wink:



To wrap this thread up - this is what we have found:

It looks like this is considered a bug on our side which we have ticketed up [SG-19030].

For Permission roles created from the Artist or Vendor roles, Task Template Tasks are showing up on global Task pages when they shouldn’t be. This does not affect Manager or Admin roles.

You can create a saved filter (or add to an existing saved filter on the page) where the Project field of a Task is not “[blank}”. This will filter out Task Template Tasks because they don’t have a Project assigned to them. Regular Tasks cannot be created without a Project assigned to them so this filter will only remove Template Tasks.

Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!