Task Template - Included w/Shotgun?

Hi, There,
I’m going through the producer training videos on YouTube and have a question regarding the example templates included with Shotgun: How do I find them?
I’m going through step by step and your video screen looks different from mine.


How do I get to see the task templates as you have them on your video tutorial? By this I mean, how do I find the example task template you have in the video? I know I must have something which isn’t checked off.

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You could check Restrict to Project. By default, the field is empty. If you assign a project to a template. You will see as in the video.



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Hi Shell,

The Task Templates used in some training series are not the same as what appear on a new Shotgun site. Those are regularly being updated/augmented as time passes, so may not line up with what you see in the videos.

Was there one in particular you wanted to use? It should be easy enough to re-create on your own site by clicking the +Task Template button, then adding the Tasks you need to it.

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Thanks! I’m just familiarizing myself with it and thought I was doing something wrong to not see what was in the video! I will try it on my own.


Thank you! I will try that out!

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