Shots pipeline steps

I couldn’t apply task template for shots pages, where i can’d find my VFX template.
If i search for my new VFX template page and in task template page, i can’t find ,shots pipeline steps? How should i add it?

Are you sure the desired pipeline steps are enabled in the project you are applying your template to?

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Yes it is enabled. Should i need to create new task template for shots?

Pipeline steps (containers for tasks) are specific to the entity type they are created against (shots, assets, etc). When you create task template you need to define the entity type its for.
For example: a shot task template can only contain shot pipeline step/tasks.

You can have as many templates as you like for any valid entity type (ones that allow for tasks) but you can’t mix shot steps/tasks with asset steps/tasks in the same template or apply a shot template to an asset.

The other thing that might be preventing you from applying the shot template you made is if you have restricted it to a specific project. View the task templates page and expose the “Restrict to Project” field. If there is a project listed on your template, clear it and it should be accessible on other projects where those pipeline steps are valid.