Folders in Task Template


As I’m transitioning to Shotgun, I was wondering if Shotgun has the task template option of including task folders or groups.

For example, in a given shot, a handful of tasks will be within the layout department, and a handful will be in anim, and comp. This is an example pipeline:

Scene Prep

Layout Folder
- Prep
- Rough Layout
- Clean Layout

ANIM Folder
- Posing
- Rough Animation
- Clean Animation


So some tasks are outside folders, and some inside. They also must be in this chronological order. I’m having trouble with playing around with task templates and ordering to make the template and/or view appear like this.

To also clarify, each task needs it’s own individual type to record data on them individually.

If you have any advice or recommendations let me know,

Thank you!

-Phil F

Phil, do you have Scene Prep, Layout, ANIM, and Compositing as your pipeline steps, and then you need these tasks within each? If I’m understanding you correctly, I’d set it up so that your pipeline is
Scene Prep pipeline step with Scene Prep task in it
Layout pipeline step with three tasks in it, (Prep, Rough Layout, Clean Layout)
Am I understanding your question correctly?

Yeah- I actually figured this one out, just forgot to delete the post.

I was creating a pipeline step for each task, but I separated them like you said into broader pipeline steps.
My only concern is now Filtering for just a certain type of task seems harder to do, as instead of a drop-down you have to search by Task Name which adds a little tiny bit of tedium.

Let me know if there’s a way around this,


-Phil F

Oh good! Glad you figured it out.

As for your other question, depends on where you’re searching for your tasks I think - if it’s on the task page (where they’re all in a list) you can sort or group by task name and easily see all the Prep tasks in Layout that way, for example. Where are you doing your search?