Can't find Project Templates

Currently I am trying to create a project using the ‘tv episodic’ template that the shotgrid tutorials recommend to me. However, when i go to create a new project none of the premade templates are there.

this is what i see^

this is what i should see ^

has anyone figured out where to find these templates at because the shotgrid tutorials indicate that the templates should already be there

Came to ask about the same issue. We’ve had Shotgun for several years but I’m catching up now on the latest developments and we only have a single “Template Project” available. I thought maybe our site was just too old but I’m guessing @gmcder20’s is brand new.

@patrick-hubert-adsk, do you perhaps have any insights here?

Hi @agentirons

This is outside of my “comfort zone” so I may be wrong here, but I think that:

  • the templates are defined in the ShotGrid DB, not in the code,
  • newer sites are build using our latest template DB, which will contain those template projects,
  • so if your site was created a while ago, it will not have the newer templates.

I am not sure if it is possible to update the templates on an older site. I will ask.


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Gotcha, thank you! I noticed you helping different people out on other threads so I figured I’d tag you in first. I’ll learn who else is around as I get familiar with the forum.

Hey! So I recently found a way around this a bit for my project. My project is taking on the episodic format so we needed episodes. You have to have admin power and I believe it’s either called system preferances or settings (I’m currently locked out of ShotGrid due to migration). Here you should see something along the lines of ‘episodes’ that you can enable. I enabled it and have been able to use it since! I also added it into my navigation bar for quicker reference, hope this helps!

Hi, do @patrick-hubert-adsk have right? I dont even have any window like this during creating new project. Anybody know why?? I trying to find it but still have only one window with list of properties.

Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

Sure :slight_smile:

My creator looks like that:

It’s looks like “advanced form” form this video:

And like gmcder20, I cannot find any template from video (Film template etc.)

Could it be that a site admin has turned something off to force you to use the advanced form to create projects?

When I click create new project it will lead me to the basic form with the templates and I can switch to the advanced form by clicking a link item.

Also, in your screenshot you can still choose the template project from the template field, you just need to add that field.

It seems like your form has been designed so someone who is an admin has forced some settings.

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Yes, it can be that. Also we have couple required fields, so maybe that’s is why we get “advanced form” by default. But next question is, if I can get those “Film Template”, “Game Template”, “Motion Capture Template” somwhere? I only have our own templates there.

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Those templates are just projects with the template box ticked.
Maybe someone removed them from your site, that is a possibility.

Check the trash for projects

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