Project Navigation Bug


There is a bug on our instance where we cannot edit parts the project navigation bar.
For example, I cannot select/drag/drop the Shot page into place, Episode is not even being shown as option.

Could you have a look at this?



I have re-assigned a template to a project to see if there was a difference, and there clearly is a difference. Could you elaborate on this and on how I can have full freedom of choice of which entities are “Trackable” on a project?


Hi @cedricduriau and thanks for the question!

You can edit the Project navigation bar by clicking Project Actions > Navigation. That’ll open up the navigation bar editor where you can change the arraignment and add/remove other pages. (Here’s a doc with a helpful video showing exactly how this works.)

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Hi @johnny.duguid

Indeed, this is also the feature I used. But my question lies more into the control of the content displayed or allowed to control.

For years I have been working with shotgun, setting up project defaults and configurations.
But it seems like now, since the new demo projects, the control of template projects really is of great importance. Whereas before, the actual template project would be a complete sandbox. Now, the template project shipping with an instance is already pre-configured with some entities.

To arrive at my desired result, I had to base myself on the TV-Episodic template project.
So my question still stands, is there a template project I can actually configure in its entirety, or do I have to pick a template and configure it to the best I can?


Ah, I see! This is a bit more involved of a question—apologies for not fully understanding the issue you were encountering.

I am aware of the old/current template behavior you’re speaking of, but I don’t have much knowledge about how it worked/works.

I’ll put your question in the queue for someone familiar with templates to chime in.

Hey @cedricduriau - here’s a doc that explains more about how Project Templates work. You should be able to edit any existing templates on your site, or create new Templates from existing Projects.

Please let us know if this addresses your problem.


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