Customize Navigation - Url page

Hey there,

I use a Shotgun URL page to load our wiki (YNAW) inside Shotgun. This works vey well.
The problem is that I can’t find a way to add this page to the top of the website links.

What I want:

I want a Non Project Specific new button in the Global Navigation Buttons and a second Project Specific button in the Project Navigation bar.

:diamonds: Can I take over those navigation buttons on the whole website? It seems “Project Actions > Navigation (edit)” only allow me to change a specific project navigaton buttons.

:diamonds: Is this even possible to add Url Pages to those buttons? I tried to create both a Url Non project page and a Url project page, but they don’t show up in the “Edit Navigation” page.

How can I achieve this?



Hey @benwall,

We released a feature last year where you can add custom pages to the Project Navigation;

Check the bottom of the doc above, but the TLDR is that you go to the page settings menu on your custom page and there is an option to "Add to Navigation" which will add it to that projects navigation bar and the “Edit Navigation” menu.

Unfortunately there is not a way currently to modify the Global Navigation bar at the top, this would be feature request territory.


Hey David,
Thanks for your answer. This works for the time being!
The problem is that this needs to be done every time we create a new Project… It’s not a solution which scales well to a company pipeline.

I tested doing this on my template project, then create a new project from this template, and it seems to work. The Project Wiki page is also duplicated for the new project. This means we can
easily set a cross Project url and a Project url!