Project-to-Project navigation


What is controlling the page you are navigated to when you switch between Projects in SG? If I set a specific page to be my “Home Page” (id 11251) and switch to a different Project, and then back, the page I am navigated to is id 11085. But, if I click the large “SHOTGUN” text link in the top left corner of the page, it navigates me to 11251, as expected.


Hi @mharris

Thanks for the great question! So, like you correctly said, any page that is set as the users homepage will show up in 2 scenarios

  • When that use logs into Shotgun, the homepage is the first page that you land on
  • When you click on the Shotgun logo in the top left, you will be direct to your users homepage

However, within a project, the landing page for that project is the page situated on the far left of your project navigation bar

For example, in my project here, my media page is the first page in my project navigation bar. So when I enter a project by clicking on its thumbnail from the projects page, that is the page that will load first.

If you want to change this, you can click on Project Actions > Navigation and re-order the pages that show up in your project navigation.

Because the project navigation bar is unique per project, so can select which is the project landing page on a per-project basis.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.




Just add some test based on @andrew.lawrence description. I tested on the latest. Set project detail and Asset as my homepage. The page id is same when I switch projects.

Do you have specific page? Or specific steps to set my homepage?




I’ll add on to @andrew.lawrence’s comment, in respect to if you’re just looking at how URLs are formed.

There are a few different ways URLs get built in Shotgun. Three that you might see in regards to Projects include:

  1. A call out to a particular overview page, when linking from the All Project's page:
    • /page/project_overview?project_id=1234
  2. The ID of an entity is called out explicitly, such as:
    • /detail/Project/1234
  3. Dynamically built based on your referring page, such as:
    • /page/4630#Project_1234
    • /projects/#Project_1234

While this can be a bit confusing at times to have these different URL representations, they all work in getting you to the correct project.

In particular, I think you’re perhaps wondering about the behaviour of the 3rd paradigm listed above. This particular URL building schema is in place because it allows us to dynamically preload any pages you might be linking out to, from wherever you are at currently. You’ll often see this notation used when moving from a list page to a detail page.

In terms of the “SHOTGUN” text link in the top left, that’s based off of whatever page ID you’ve setup as your home page on your user profile and uses a direct reference, like shown in #2 above.

Hope that clarifies a bit what you’re seeing.


Thanks guys! It was resolved by adding “Overview” back to the first position on the list of pages in the navigation bar. Someone had removed Overview completely from the Nav bar, which made the first page in the list a custom page they use on other projects.


SHOTGUN has a terrible non standard lay out from page to page and is totally unintuitive. I dont undesrtands why anyone uses it.