Project Overview - Page Not Found

Whenever I click into a project from the projects page the overview page results in a 404

URL resulting in 404: https://<SITE_URL>/page/project_overview?project_id=

This does not happen for all projects, only certain projects. I am trying to understand where to look to troubleshoot this error. I have checked Project Navigation and Project Pages neither of which have any restrictions. Even in case of restrictions I am using an admin user so permissions should not apply.

I am able to browse to the overview page by going to Pages -> All Pages -> Overview

Just trying to understand where to look to troubleshoot this.

Thank you.

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Hi @Sreenathan_Nair,

Thanks for posting in the community. It seems we need hop over your site and get a closer look at it. I’ll send you a direct message to get the private information like your Shotgun sites. Let’s thread there.



Thanks @Ben_xzj :slight_smile:

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