What happened to the Project overview pages


As of yesterday, our project overview pages stopped working for no reason. They work on our staging and archive sites. Any idea what may have happened?

@thomass :point_up:

We had the same exact issue with at least one of our Projects here as well.

Support said it was a residual effect of an old bug from a while back that caused project overview pages to be erroneously duplicated (in our case hundreds of copies for multiple projects). This coupled with the fact that the user in question had deleted the project overview page that was actually linked to the page/project_overview?project_id=nnn URL. (How are we supposed to know which page it is? I was told it should be the one with the lowest page id :person_shrugging:).

Our user did not delete any pages though.

I did then go and delete all of the duplicate pages but still had this issue. Support told me I shouldn’t have done that. To rid the duplicates “correctly” I should revive all of the pages I deleted, remove the Project link from them all, then delete them again, leaving the one with the lowest page id active.


In the end, support resolved this specific issue somehow. But I still don’t feel I know what exactly is going on here. I also think if SG fixed this bug back in 2020(?), then they could have cleaned up the hundreds of duplicate pages at the same time. Am I being too sensitive?

Sorry… this was a particularly frustrating experience for me.

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