Replicating Project Page Templates via the API

We are actively porting data from multiple platforms to a global SG instance. We have close to 2000 projects to replicate. Furthermore we have a lot of work to do with page designs and layouts and we hope to replicate and constantly update project page templates amongst these projects. Reconfiguring each project one by one or in groups of projects in the web app is sooooooo slow. Many time it feels like the web app locks up. Additionally if you make a mistake you could potentially destroy a personal project pages. It’s all a very delicate operation. Any chance you guys might consider a few new api functions to perform these operations via the API? Guessing that most of the page code to do this work is pretty old and needs a refresh.

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@zoe.glynn any chance I could get somebody to respond to this topic? It’s a big deal for studios with a deep bench of projects inside SG that all stem from a single project template.