👉 Interested in showcasing your workflow and pages you've built that you can't live without?

I’d love to hear from you! Drop in a reply, and let’s discuss :grinning:


Created #page-layouts tag for tracking this type of submission. :slight_smile:

We’d love to do that :slight_smile: What would be a good way to show it - you guys might be able to hook up some demo project?


Hey Hristo! We’ve brainstormed about cool ways to do this with actual Shotgun page layout data, but don’t have anything in place for that yet. For now, I think it’s just (sanitized) screenshots or animated gifs, and text descriptions.

But don’t let me hold back anyone’s creativity. If you are inspired to communicate this through interpretive dance, then by all means do!


Maybe it would be good to have some real project data? If we could sanitize and send some csv exports?

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I do appreciate the intepretative dance though! :slight_smile:

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Cool idea for the future!

For now I’d suggest just talking about it, images, and videos uploaded here. Of course, don’t post anything if it contains sensitive data.

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@Hristo_Velev - let’s discuss! I’m super interested in learning about a layout (or more) that you’re interested in sharing. If there is sensitive data we can’t get around, would you be interested in recreating the page on a site we (Shotgun) can provide with demo data?

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When we create new projects we template it from existing one, I guess a similar thing can happen in a showcase site, if there’s a way to get our layout data across?

@Hristo_Velev, good point! In this case, it may actually be easier to screenshot/record from your site using a demo or dummy project with some dummy data. There isn’t a way to copy a layout from one site to another, so let me know what’s easiest for you. But here are some options:

a) Demo Site with content and data you can use to rebuild your page: we can use this site to demo a page and workflow in this kind of situation. The site has a more standard schema with Assets and Shots. In fact, this is the data we use in the Producer Series, and I would supply you with a login. The idea here would be that you login and re-build the page layout within this Project, and demo with this data that we provide.

b) Use one of the “demo” projects supplied on your site. Depending on when you signed up, this may be “Demo: Animation with Cuts”, “Demo: Animation”, and/or “Demo: Game”. You should be able to change the project configuration on those, but I haven’t specifically tried this on a demo project so just let me know if you run into any issues.

c) Create a dummy project with dummy data on your current site so that you can demo a more complex layout that’s more challenging to rebuild. In this case, you’ll just want to make sure that you are only showing sanitized data from this dummy project specifically, and removing any sensitive URLs, etc from the screen capture.

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Ok, applying the layout on the demo projects sounds promising, I’ll try that out