Shotgun as a live data source for Excel/PowerBI/etc

It would be very useful to have Shotgun pages available as live data sources for programs like Excel/PowerBI to read directly, rather than using manual “Export All to CSV (Excel)”.

This is partially possible through the unsupported feature of renaming a page URL from “page” to “reports/csv”

The resulting URL can be used as a Web Data Source in Excel/PowerBI. Yay!

BUT the resulting data does not include any linked fields (e.g. for a list of Tasks, the Status of the Link entity) unlike using “Export All to CSV (Excel)” on a page.

Overall, this feature request is for a supported way to use Shotgun as a Live Data Source in other software packages.


Hey Stephen,

Good to hear from you! This is something that never moved beyond the prototype stage, so isn’t quite so full-featured as you’ve seen.

Be sure to share your idea with the product team via the roadmap site. More details are in this thread:


Submitted the feature request to the Roadmap page. Fingers-crossed!


I didn’t know about this experimental feature, nice

@schicky are there any news of your request?

Has anybody tried to gather the data in Google Sheets using IMPORTXML?
I don’t know what to put on the xpath_query argument

No news on my request, unfortunately.

Have you tried ?

Whoa, no I haven’t, cool.
Thanks @schicky

But I think what I was not really realizing is that there is no way to actually authenticate to SG from Google Sheets, as far as I know

I was thinking about saving some more clicks when doing something like what I explained in the following link,