Project Templates


My company has a show template that we use to update and roll out changes to all shows. In our template we created a few sequences that we use for testing purposes on all shows until we get into proper shot work. It seems like these do not get carried over to shows that we use the template on. I’m assuming this is a limitation with templates, but wanted to confirm if there is a way to have sequences in templates carry over to other projects that use the template.

Hi @part.time.insomniac ,

Welcome to the community. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to carry the data/entity records over to the new project while you are applying the template, only the page layout/customizations(like custom pages, fields…etc) will be inherited,

I would suggest you to export these sequence as a CSV file and re-import as the test samples each time you create a new project.

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Ah I thought so. Would be a nice option down the road, but not a game changer in any way. Thank you for the help!