Mirroring / Copying or Migrating SG Instances

Hey all,

I’m looking to migrate a customised schema from one SG instance to another.

Firstly is there an out of the box way to do this?

Second, I’ve jumped ahead an attempted to do this myself via the API and run into some roadblocks:

  • Icon entities cannot be created via the API
  • Status entities rely on ‘icon’ as a mandatory field and therefore cannot be created via the API
  • Permissions Groups cannot be created modified via the API
  • Site preferences cannot be modified and therefore entities cannot enabled or disabled
    • Versions, Tasks and PublishedFiles cannot be enabled or disabled per entity

I haven’t gone as far as replicating Pages and PageSettings but from what I remember this is also not possible…

I’m guessing this may happen semi-regularly, so wondering if anyone else feels my pain. I will take likes as moral support. :slight_smile:


Hi @Halil,

Thanks for the question. We offer a support service to clone one site to another site but it needs to be performed by a Shotgun support team member; there isn’t a way to do this via the API. This is a full clone and you can’t cherry pick the site preferences/projects you want to copy.

Out of the box, you have the ability to copy Project Configurations from one project to another. This includes:

  • Project Navigation Settings
  • Record Detail Pages
  • Custom Pages
  • Tracking Settings

For more on that, you can visit the documentation here:

You can also clone a configuration:

Let me know if you have any further questions!


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Ah excellent, good to know! I will definitely give you a heads up when I need this next time… provided I get one from production before hand.