From an existing SHOTGUN site to another SHOTGUN site About the porting of the configuration

Hi there.
I recently started using SHOTGUN.
There are multiple projects I’m involved in.
It’s a pain to create a configuration for each SHOTGUN site, but I’ve been able to export the entire pipeline, entities and task templates that I’ve set up on existing SHOTGUN sites and
Is it possible to port it to another SHOTGUN site?

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Hi @rkyat :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the Community and thank you for the question.
As it stands, our Shotgun Support team is able to do a complete site copy from one site to another, but we can’t break it down into parts, such as an individual project copy.
The full site copy will overwrite any existing data/media/settings/preferences on the “receiving” site.

If you want a single Project copied over, you would have to manually recreate the Project template on the new site. Once that Project is recreated, you can export data from the old Project/site and import it into the new Project/site.

Hope it helps,

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Hi @Linda
Thanks for the reply.

I will check the thread you referred to.

I’d like to ask an additional question: is it possible to have the domain of the SHOTGUN site changed?
As an example” is the site URL if the “XXXXX” part.

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Hi @rkyat

Yes, after the free trial period it is possible to change the URL from to (If the new URL is available and not already used by another client)
You would just need to send a ticket to with the title “URL change request” and the support team can make it happen.

Hope it helps,

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That’s great!
Thanks for the useful information.
I’ll learn more about shotguns.

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