Download Shotgrid settings file for future Shotgrid instance

As I understand there is a way to clone one Shotgrid instance to another (via a support ticket I believe). Similarly, is there a way to get a full settings file from a current Shotgrid site that can later be applied to a new Shotgrid site?

The use case here would be managing production side Shotgrid instances. I’ve customized Shotgrid toolkit to work with a customized Shotgrid site to manage vendors etc, and it would be great to carry over that customization to future projects. Being production side there may be a bit of time in between (prep and photography of the new project before we move into post/VFX), so cloning from a live site wouldn’t work.


Hi @bernhard.kimbacher

Yes, Cloning a ShotGrid site is possible… But it is not a pattern that we want to encourage for any often recurring work pattern. Cloning is time-consuming and require human interaction, and comes with constraints: both source and target sites, must be tied to the same team for licenses

And to clarify : cloning means totally nuking the target site. It becomes an identical copy of the source. A partial clone is not possible.

My suggestion would be to make your customization via scripts (either Python API, Rest API or Toolkit API), so that you can easily update them on an existing sites and apply them on new sites, without requiring any support from Autodesk.

More work, but that leaves you total control.


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I would add that it would be great if there was some way to export page views so they can later be applied to a different site.

Hi @Ricardo_Musch

I agree with you… But from my recollection of how the layouts are saved to the DB, these are a massive headache. I’d say please contact support to add that as a request, but I strongly suspect that this request has existed for a very long time already. I can only assume that it has not been done yet because it is not a trivial thing.

Once I am back from vacations, I’ll try to ask my colleagues working on ShotGrid and reply back here.



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