Transfer project created in "shotgrid trial" to "licensed version"

hi all . is it possible ? please say yes ! and maybe also how :wink:
danke , eugen

Hi @hyperpixel

As far as I know, it is unfortunately not possible to transfer projects between sites.

You have to manually export your assets and data to re-import them in the other site.


Hi @hyperpixel ,

@patrick-hubert-adsk is right in that you cannot transfer a project from site to site without it being a manual process. However, I wanted to mention that your trial site can become your real licensed site. So if you’re still trialing, once you sign up for ShotGrid, that trial site will become your licensed site. Let me know if that helps.



Cool , thanks very much . i found a related topic in the tutorial web. it should work you are right …

all the best , eugen