Create a Global Page with Archived Projects?

Hi All,

I think that it is super helpful that we can archive projects once they are done.
It’s also great that we can still access archived projects, if needed.
But, is there a way for us to create global pages that include multiple archived projects?
I tried to filter this using Linked Fields > Project > Archived is Checked, but no luck!

Something like this could come in handy when preparing global reports / collecting stats that need to include completed projects.
Currently, the only way I can think of doing this is to go into each archived project, export the data and prepare the report outside Shotgun.

Look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!



Hey Govind!

Yeah, the unfortunate (well, ‘intended’ really, but unfortunate in your use case) side-effect of the whole ‘archived’ thing is that it prevents entities linked to archived Projects from showing up in the UI. A boon most of the time, but I can see where it would be frustrating for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Something you can definitely do, however, is get those same results via the API. For instance, grab all assets from archived projects with asset name and project id:

>>> sg.find("Asset",[['project.Project.archived','is',True]],['code',''])

Note that find()'s default for include_archived_projects is True, so you get those results for free without additional wrangling.

With the data that’s returned (in a nice array format), you could easily export that into a csv format, or whatever data structure is most helpful to you :slight_smile:

I hope maybe something like that helps!



Thanks, Tony!
I will take help from our TD team to extract the data via the APIs.

Just wanted to post here and check if there was a way to do this from the UI that I didn’t think of.