Global overview page


Our studio is working on several projects at once and I would like to have a global Overview page of the studio activity and not just a specific project.

Is there a way to convert the Project activity page into a Global activity page?

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately not that I know of, the best I think you could get would be a canvas page with a grid widget showing notes, sorted newest at the top.
Then you could add maybe a sidebar column with graph widgets showing overall studio progress.

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Thank you very much for your response and proposal!

The thing is that it’s not exactly what I’m looking for, because what I’m interested in is not only the notes, but to know if the artists publish new versions, if feedback has been given to everything, if a client has commented… without the need to check project by project.

AFAIK the Activity Feed in a project is a unique page type, written at event occurrence time and not really a search page. The Activity Feed is not any kind of entity.
So it seems not possible to create other pages to view Activity within or across projects

Yeah that whole Project Overview page is a custom page made by SG and not something you can tap into unfortunately.

In terms of knowing when artists pub new submissions, that should all be possible with adding a grid view showing versions.
Granted yes you can’t have a single grid view showing versions and notes but with a 3 column layout you can get close; notes/versions/studio progress graphs.

And you can hide all the controls on any grid view too, this will remove these controls specifically and not the field/column headers

So you can make a cleaner page by setting up the grid of versions, for example, to filter how you want (maybe just showing published versions) and then hide the controls so no one can mess with it