Started from scratch on a project. How to add SHOTS page?


I’ve created a project from scratch and would like to add the SHOTS and SEQUENCES page but I’m flagged with a non-descriptive error message when trying to create them. Is there a way to add these pages to my project?

Thank you, Stephen! I checked out the page, confirmed I’m an Admin. ‘Shots’ turned grey when I dragged it to the Navigation Bar.

That’s what you want.
Save the changes and you should see Shots in your Nav bar

I saved the page. It did not show up and then when I tried to drag it again - it is no longer selectable.


Eureka! I went to Tracking Settings and discovered that ‘Shots’ and ‘Sequences’ was hidden. I’m good to go now. Thank you for all of your help, Stephen!

P.S. You helped me out a lot when I was at Respawn a few years back. Thank you!

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Awesome!! Glad it’s working for you, Rich! :slight_smile: :wave: