Using Shotgun for Episodic TV work and don't know where to start? đź“–

Check out our Getting Started with Episodic TV written guide and master the basics :medal_sports: !

:open_book: If reading is your style, this is the place to be! However, if you’re more of a visual learner, check out our Getting Started with Episodic TV video series instead—they cover the same material:

Drop us a reply if you’ve read or watched the tutorial for a surprise!


Hi there
So does this episodic TV series tutorial actually show you how to use EPISODES in the admin heirachy. Im wanting to set up a project that fully uses the EPISODES entity as a distributed config setup so artists can work remotely. I cant see that this is set up anywhere as a template, just sequences/shot is implemented not episode/sequence/shot.
I did see there is a post about this configuration in the community integrations page, but am a little underwhelmed that episodes are not set up as default fully without having to edit python engines and configurations.
Or is that just how it is?

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@mattgidney , this series covers tracking episodic work with the Episodic TV template shipped with ShotGrid. If you are looking to update your schema, you’ll want to reference the Admin series instead. I recommend watching the Intro to the Shotgun Schema and The Shotgun Schema - Linking Entities topics specifically, where we cover Episodic schemas.

Hey I love the tutorials provided but I am struggling to find the template for the Tv Series project when creating a project. Is there somewhere I can download this template?

@gmcder20 , sorry for the troubles there! The template is available on most sites when you create a project for the first time:


If you still are not seeing it from this view, you may have an older site, or the project template could have been archived or deleted. I’d recommend checking your archived projects through the project filter to see if it’s there first.