How do I create a group and have tasks filter to show only their attached assignment

Basically, I have a set of people that don’t need access to shotgun that I need to track their work on shotgun through. I didn’t want to add them as users and incur the cost of adding a user that doesn’t need it, so I created a group and assigned it to a task. When I search for the group, it takes me to a page without tasks. I went into “Design Page” and added a “Tasks” field but the tasks field is showing me everything. I saved a filter by the group and then created another group and it copied over the filter settings from the previous group to the new one. Any thoughts appreciated


Hey @Sam—welcome to the community!

Using a group is an interesting approach and I’m not entirely sure the details on that. Others can chime in on that front.

But, something to know that may change your approach: you are only billed for active Shotgun user accounts.

That means you can create as many users as you’d like on your Shotgun site and—as long as they are not active—you are not be billed. This allows you to use Shotgun to track as intended per person without incurring additional costs.

So, whether you just need to track work of someone who will never be part of the studio or who may be coming on the project down the road and you want to line up their work, you’re set.

When creating a new user, look for the Status field and make sure it’s Disabled. Any account with this setting will not count toward your seat count. It is only counted if it’s Active.

Here’s an example of that field and settings on my personal testing site (pardon the dummy data/names):

In this image, the top three are Disabled accounts and the five below are Active. In this example, you’d be billed for five accounts.

You’ll find more info about People and user accounts here.

Again, it may be possible to use a group for what you’re trying to do, but I’d recommend using Disabled accounts to track this work instead.


worked a treat! Thanks so much Johnny

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