Filter To Display All Tasks Assigned to Multiple People?

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Does anyone know how I can build a filter to show all tasks that are assigned to more than one person?
I was able to build a filter that shows any task that is assigned to people from two different sites. It looks like this:

But, this filter would not catch a task that is assigned to two people from the same site.

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Hi @Govind_Kalburgi,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a very eloquent answer for you on this matter.

If you have linked information like your studio you could try to build filters which anticipate all permutations but that will probably become a costly query to run and maintain.

One alternative, if you have pipeline resources, would be to use the Shotgun Event Daemon (docs).

You could:

  • Add a number column to your Task entity and call it Number of assignees
  • Write a Shotgun Event Daemon that triggers on assignee changes on tasks and counts the number of assignees putting the number in the new field
  • Create a page filter that filters on Number of assignees greater than 1

This should get you the result you’re looking for with an efficient query and not a huge investment in developer time.

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Hi @bouchep,

Thanks for the quick response!
I have a very small use case for this - so, not sure if we should add (yet another :laughing:) field on Shotgun! But, thank you for the suggestion!