Shotgun Panel: Filter Tasks

Hi Everyone,

Is there any way to configure the ‘shotgunpanel’ to filter the tasks, e.g. as it might appear in Maya?

I managed to create custom actions based on Task Statuses, but would like to visibly filter out tasks that are not set to either ‘ready to start’ or ‘in progress’. In a similar fashion to what ‘Shotgun Create’ tries to do, but with the benefit of keeping the artist within the context of their chosen DCC.

Thanks for any help,


P.S. After a bit of trying and digging, I feel I’m looking for a similar setting that’s available in the ‘workfiles2’ --> my_tasks_filters: [[sg_status_list, is, ip]]
I tried putting it into my shotgunpanel yamls, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.


@jhultgre created a pull request that adds this functionality, at present we’ve unfortunately not had time to look at it, though we have it logged.