Filter Out Pipeline Tasks on Sequence or Shot Grid

I’m often asked by users if they can filter out Tasks in a “Pipeline Step” column on a Sequence or Shot Grid:

Specifically, users want to be able to filter out Tasks based on the Status or Due Date field (e.g. “filter out ‘completed’ Tasks” or “only show me Tasks that are due within 1 week”.)

Is that possible?

I know this is possible from a Task Grid, but many users prefer the UI of the Sequence and Shots pages.


Hi @JoshBurnell,

That is a great question, and, a wonderful feature request :sweat_smile: - when you are on an entity page with the Pipeline Step columns visible, it is not possible to filter out Tasks to display a specific Task set in the columns. It’s either all Tasks or a summarization of all Tasks.

It is only possible to filter for Shots/Assets (depending on what page you are on) based on the Tasks contained within the Pipeline Step columns. So you could search for All Shots who’s Animation Task is Complete, and who’s Lighting Task is Ready to Start and other such searches.

If you want to filter for specific Task sets, then you need to go to a Task Page and filter from there.

I hope that helps! Feel free to head to our roadmap if you want to submit a feature request. The best feature requests are those that explain why it would be useful, including an example of the workflow you use.


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Hi Josh,

Did you feature request this?