How to not see some task in a pipeline step column

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So I have a shot page with some pipeline set columns to see the pipeline setps tasks:
Is there a wat with filters or some other tool to hide the tasks in the 3D pipeline set colum that are with the “x” state.
I gest that the right way to do this is having just the task you are going to use. But right now we are using a generic template and then just turning task from the X state to a on hold or wtg state by pipeline.

I don’t think there is any way to filter the Tasks here

The Tasks assigned to the pipeline steps can be removed from the Task itself, and then will not show in the Assets or Shots page (when all the pipeline steps are added as a column to the page).

This will only work if you want the tasks completely removed from a particular Asset. Of course you can change the pipeline template to completely remove them for all Assets, but if you only want to hide (or remove) the task from one particular Asset, you can remove it from the Asset.

Here’s the workflow:
In the Assets page I have a 3D Character model asset where Cloth is a Task for Character FX.

Click the Asset name (My 3D Character in this example) to open the character asset and see all tasks assigned to the Asset. You will see the Cloth task.

Right-click on the Task and choose Send Selected Task to Trash.

The Task will be removed for this Asset only.

Back on the Assets page, the task will no longer show in the Pipeline (Character FX in this example).

Side note: You can also add a task in for only this Asset (or a shot if you want) by going to the Asset and adding a task. It will show in the pipeline step on the Assets page if you assign that to a pipeline step. Hopefully this helps.

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Thanks it was the info I was looking :innocent: