Maya task status

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong here but is there a reason why you can not set the task status to anything other then In Progress in the maya shotgun panel? I would like to be able to set the status to On Hold or anything else but for some reason I only ever have the option to set it to in progress.


Hi @jkiser!

Good question. So this is by design, but it can be customized. You can read more about doing that here.

The thinking here is that we felt studios on the whole by default wouldn’t want their users setting the status to anything other than in progress from within the panel app.

However this action is implemented via a hook, and you can implement your own actions.

By default, the Shotgun panel app will use two hooks when in Maya to generate the actions.

The is what contains the set to in progress hook:

So you could take a copy of that hook, paste it in your config’s hook folder (perhaps in a tk-multi-shotgunpanel sub folder), and then update the tk-multi-shotgunpanel.yml settings to use:

actions_hook: "{self}/{self}/{engine_name}{config}/tk-multi-shotgunpanel/"

In the hook, you could then remove all actions other than the set in progress one, and then repurpose that to become your “On Hold” action.

Then you just need to add your new action to the panel settings:


Awesome thank you so much I will get this implemented right away!


Alright got things working here that was pretty painless I do have a problem however. I have some custom status’ and when I switch to them in the maya shotgun panel the task label switches to the status short code and not the status name and you lose the little icon next to the status. Check out the pictures below. You can see “In progress” which is a “locked” default system type status looks as I would expect but “Ready For Review” shows only rfr which looks pretty bad. Any idea how to fix that?



Ah I think unfortunately this is due to a bug. It is not that the tool recognises any status in particular, but that the Toolkit code caches the SG schema and the statuses per user, and it doesn’t update them. So once cached they stay that way for that project.

If you delete the highlighted file above from the relevant project configuration cache, it will mean next time you start the software the panel app will show the correct display name for the status.

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Got ya ok got that fixed up there with removing the pickle file. One last question I have noticed that the tasks only show in the shotgun panel once a file is opened. If you don’t open a file the panel will not show the options. Is this a different configuration some where?


By default the tk-maya engine is configured to use these settings when in a project environment:

Rather than the .maya settings. So you either need to change these settings as well, or if your change should only apply to Maya, then you might need to break the project settings off into a unique maya.project settings block.

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Perfect this works and got it all fixed up!