Filter help: show assets where all tasks are complete


I’d like to be able to show the assets which have all tasks in a given pipeline step set to complete. I thought this would be straightforward but maybe since it is going from single(Asset) -> multi(Task).status it is not as trivial as it sounds, or am I missing something?



Hi Luke,

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It seems a straightforward with a page filter as below:

Choose the pipeline steps in PIPELINE section, and then Status field, put the status you would to filter on.



Hi @luke,

You’re right! It doesn’t seem entirely straight forward.
An asset can have multiple tasks of the same pipeline step and you could have some of them complete and some still pending.
It’s in cases like this that the ‘is not’ filters have come in handy for me.

For example, if you’re looking to show all assets where the Model tasks are complete, I would build a filter such as this:

With this, you will eliminate all assets that have any Model tasks still ip or rdy.
(You can add any other statues you want to exclude to this list.)

Let me know if this helps.



Ah perfect! That solves it Govind

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Just an update to this, potentially you may need to put each “non-complete” Status in its own “Filter Group” if you want the rule to be more strict (ie: you only want to see Assets where ALL Model tasks are complete). Not super fast to set up, but it works. That means if you have 10 Task Statuses and 1 of those 10 is “Complete” then you will have 9 filter groups.

Example image uses Animation pipeline step, but could be replaced for Model.

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Hi @Beth,

Thank you for chiming in here.
I just did a test - and including all the statues in one “is not” filter does the trick.
This works even when there are multiple tasks of the same Pipeline Step.

Do you have an example where this does not work?


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Hey @Govind_Kalburgi - you threw me for a loop there for a second! I wasn’t sure why your method wasn’t working for me previously but I figured out the difference between your example and mine.

Simple Filter: If you only have the single "Status is not [xyz]" filter in your Saved Filter, then your option will work just fine.

Complex Filter: The example I was working with was a bit more complicated because I had been working with a previous example of mine where a client wanted to know specifically which shots were complete in animation by a specific vendor. This means I had to have an Assigned To filter in my example as well. In the case of adding that secondary filter, I had to put each status in it’s own filter group to get the desired result.

Always go the simplest route first until you no longer can!



Hey @Beth,

Thank you for clarifying.
I typically have an Assigned To component in my filters as well. I will keep this in mind next time to see if I need to do something differently.