Crew planning & project planning - Task automation

Hi everyone! I am eager for your help.

The question is the following: On the ‘task page’ of a project, when you assign a task to an artist, is it possible to automatically see it appear on the crew planning?

This would save us some time instead of adding his work period and everything by hand.

I’ve tried to solve this question by myself, and looking through past topics, but I haven’t been able to find a solution yet.

Thanks for your advice!

Hi @Tony.By

The short answer is no. The crew planner app is a separate system from task. It leverages the bookings entity/entries exclusively. It is also more of a general resource planner than a granular “who’s doing what” sort of a tool.

If you did try to connect them with a web hook, you might find the crew planning app start to get very difficult to manage and report out of and cause issues when using it for future planning.

Alternatively, the resource app might be more what you are looking for. It will report project/department needs vs capacity based on task scheduling and availability from bookings if setup to suit the way your studio works. This way you can use crew planner/bookings to highlight approximate project assignments, vacation/away and have that merge with actual project task details.

Thanks a lot for this answer!