Crew Planning, Project Timeline and Tasks Intergration

New user here, still getting used to Shotgun so appreciate any help available.

My team is looking to find out if the Crew Planning and Project Timeline apps can be automatically updated from Tasks on each project.

Am I right in thinking that at the moment this is not possible?

Thanks all!

Hey PJ,

I’m the PM for Resource Planning and Scheduling here at Shotgun. Can you tell me a bit more about what you’re trying to achieve here when you say “updated from tasks?”

It might be possible to do what you’re asking about; equally it may be functionality that is missing.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for getting in touch.

My team wants to be able to give artists tasks in each individual project and for that same information to then be reflected in the crew planning and project timeline apps so that we can see what everyone is doing across multiple projects at the same time in a calendar format. E.g. we give artist 01 a rigging task for 5 days over the course of the 15-19 March, is it then possible to have that information automatically appear on the Crew Planning app?

As I mentioned I’m new to Shotgun so it might just be a matter of getting more acquainted to how the software works on my part. After doing a bit more research since posting I discovered that something similar to what I’m looking for can be achieved by setting up a global tasks page and ordering the tasks by artist and then looking at the Gantt display. The problem with this solution is that tasks are first and foremost organised on this page by the asset they’re linked to and not the artists doing those tasks so I don’t get a clear image, at a glance, of what everyone’s schedules are looking like.

What do you think? Am I missing a trick somewhere?
Thanks for all your help,

Hey PJ,

I know this question was not mine to answer, but just wanted to share my point of view here:

SG allows you to organize your page at your convenience, by clicking on Group → Advanced grouping, you can change layout of the page to show you grouping per artist.
Furthermore, what helped me to keep my team organized is grouping first by department, then by artist.

I believe adding SG tasks to crew planner is not a good idea, as it quickly becomes very messy. There are many ways to make a great SG pages that will have all the information you need at glance. Crew Planner is a great tool for resources planning, especially in smaller teams.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


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I second what @Vuk_Despotovic said - we have a global tasks page we group by artist, and then I’ll set up filters for frequently-used folks that need to be compared. It works fairly well.


Thanks so much for this answer.

After a few weeks of experimenting I can confirm that this is the kind of solution we were looking for.

Much appreciated!