Several problems with Website

Hey there,
I have several problems with Shotgun website.

1 :diamonds: Impossible to hide Task Templates Status
I have several diffeent Task Templates for different Entities. Some such as Shots or Assets need lots of differents status for their tasks, while others like the Custom Entity ‘Plugin’ only need Active / Disabled status.

  • I created the Custom Entity (non project) ‘Plugin’

  • I added ‘Active’ and ‘Disabled’ status to the list of status usable for tasks in task templates page*

  • I try to hide the other status on Plugin Tasks to only let users see ‘Active’ and ‘Disabled’

  • I get an error for each status set to hidden:

The same happens if i try to hide ‘Active’ and ‘Disabled’ on other entities such as Asset.
How can I pass this problem?

  • Not a bug, but rather a VERY dangerous design choice that I think should definitly be modified: it seems if you delete a status for a Task on a single Task Template, it will delete the Status for ALL the Task Templates.
    In my case, it changed the status on all tasks on all existing Assets because I changed ‘Plugin’ task template…
    This is really dangerous and should be way more clear on the Task Template page, especially since the “eye” button on the exact same widget will only change status visibility for the selected task template.

2 :diamonds: Impossible to save a Create Global Form for a new Entity

As said earlier, I created a Custome non project entity ‘Plugin’ on my website as well as a page ‘Softwares Plugins’ to show them.

When trying to save the “+ Plugin” create form, I get no error message, but next time I’ll open the form it won’t have been saved.

After saving the form :

After reopening the form:

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Hi Ben,

For the first issue, Statuses visibility are set on a per project level, you need to set the visibility on each project individually.

Because the Task Templates are not part of any project, you can’t really affect the project visibility settings.

As for the second issue, it sounds like something funky may be going on, I’ve just tested in a few ways and the form saves and keeps the values as expected.

Are you able to try configuring this from a project page of that entity and push the changes to the global form?


If that doesn’t work for you, please write in a ticket to and we can have a look at further troubleshooting.


Hey David,

Ok, so if I understand correctly, the only way to hide usable status is to set their visibility for each task?
For exemple, going to the Shots page, right click on Tasks Status > Configure ?

This means that we have to do that for every entity type on every project?

Indeed, the form is actually saved on Projects Plugin pages, and even saved on the Global page snce I created a project page.


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Hi Ben,

So the visibility rules are project specific so it allows for more flexibility, but there’s a trick to make sure it doesn’t cause undue work, you can modify the template project visibility settings and when you create new projects from that template, the visibility settings will be carried over.

If you have made your project already, you can still modify the template and push the changes to your project.


Hey there,
Still having some problems with this status visibility thing.

I created another new non project Entity to store data on the api.
When trying to set the visibility of possible statuses for this new Non Project Entity, I get the exact same error than on my first post.

How do you do that with Non Project Entities?