Asset Task Status selection on Global pages question

Hey all,

The situation is this:

I’m in ‘Project X’, where the Asset Task Status list consists of 13 possible statuses as visible to choose from, dictated by the Tracking Settings for ‘Project X’.

A very old ‘Project A’ has an Asset Task Status list of 43 (!) possible statuses, 13 of which are marked as visible through the Tracking Settings for ‘Project A’. Those visible 13 are identical to the 13 from ‘Project X’. ‘Project A’ is no longer in production.

Production has made a Global page where artist Asset Tasks for all Projects are visible in one place. On this Global page, when anyone wants to change an Asset Task Status, the list of available Asset Task statuses is all 43 from ‘Project A’, which we don’t want to see.

I’m guessing that the Global page ends up showing all the available Asset Task Statuses for every Project because each Project has its own Tracking Settings and those Tracking Settings may conflict with one another.

Besides potentially retiring those old Asset Task Statuses used by that old Project (which I’m not sure we want to do yet), does anyone have any suggestions?



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Talked through it a bit with a co-worker, and am just hashing out those thoughts here.

  • The sg_status_list is every Status defined on a Shotgun site independent of Project and Entity
  • The way defined Statuses are available to an Entity is determined per-Project based on that Project’s Tracking Settings
  • Global pages that display Entities from various Site Projects can’t use each Project’s Tracking Settings to do so, as those Tracking Settings might have “unresolvable” conflicts, so you see all the entries in sg_status_list as pickable options in a Status field on that Global page
  • You can’t “retire” Statuses you don’t want to see for one Entity because they might be used by another Entity, so it’s not a Global page solution

Approaching the problem at a different angle, maybe if a page has a Filter to display only certain Statuses, then users would only be allowed to change a Status to whatever was available to the page’s Status Filter? (This would have to be a new feature added by the Shotgun devs…)

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Hi @deanareeno,

You’ve got a pretty strong grasp of Shotgun’s Status implementation. :smiley:

You’re correct that in a global scope, specific project configurations may conflict and we wind up needing to play to the lowest common denominator (and then some).

Your last suggestion (cueing off of page filters or another page attribute in order to filter available statuses) could be viable and I highly encourage you to submit this issue and possible approach to our product team via our roadmap.

Here is a post explaining how to do such a submission.

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the suggestion & the link, I’ve submitted the idea.