Where are these statuses coming from?

We use Pages and our Inboxes to manage the bulk of our correspondence with our client, and I’ve noticed when I add a new project (or maybe it’s a new Custom Entity? I’ve done both recently so I’m not sure which has triggered this), I have a bunch of statuses crop up that I’d somehow previously had hidden. This happens rarely enough that I’ve managed to forget how I fixed it before and now I can’t fix it again. I’m seeing it when I play a Version attached to a note in the Inbox, but NOT when I play the same version from a filtered page. Can anyone enlighten me on how to fix this status list to only what should be available for Versions & Tasks?


Hi, Jessica:

Yes, you should be able to navigate to a Version or Task page and with the status column exposed, right click it -> Configure Fields. To turn off the visibility on any status, just unclick the :eye: icon. Please keep in mind that this is only going to work for the project you are in. If you want to get rid of it, full stop, you’ll want to trash it. If you plan to trash it, I would run a filter for all Versions and Tasks across your site to make sure nothing else is pointed to that status as it may start showing up as blank. Additionally, if you have any page filters using that status, those page filters may need updating.

Give that a try and let me know if you need any additional help!



I am aware of the visibility option and have used that, and I’ve hesitated to completely trash retired statuses (although at this point I’d probably be safe because they’re not in any active projects), but my bigger issue is that these statuses are showing up for tasks & versions that they should not be turned on for - for example, PENDING in the example above is fine, it’s a status that should exist, it just shouldn’t be an option for the thing I’m looking at. Does that make sense? Is it showing up because I’m launching the overlay player from an Inbox link, so it’s pulling in some sort of universal list? This wasn’t an issue until very recently when I added several new projects and a few new custom entities.


I suspect that’s exactly what’s going on here. When on the Inbox page, there is no Project context. So when you play a Version from there it loads up all status options for the field, since the Inbox doesn’t know what Project you’re in. You’ll see the same behavior from a global Version page.

Shotgun should be smarter about this, since the data is there on the Version’s Project field. We’ll write this up for the dev team to look at.


Okay thanks! good to know I’m not crazy!