Seperate Task Statuses for Shot tasks and Asset Tasks

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I was wondering if it would be possible to have separate statuses for Tasks linked to a Shot and another set of statuses for Tasks linked to an Asset?

Currently my Asset teams and Anim teams are needing to find an awkward middle ground on status names as they each have unique needs and dont want statuses from the other department confusing things.

Also would it be possible to have different statuses for a different pipeline step task?



I believe not - Status visibility is per-project

Tasks are a singular entity so they all share the same status list. This allows you to see all of the tasks in one page and be able to track general project progression.
That said, you can have as many statuses as you like and give instructions on which ones everyone should use but from a project or studio point of view, this makes things very difficult to get an idea of where things stand and build off of.

My suggestion would be to leverage the hierarchy of things that hold statuses to help customize workflow tracking.
Shot and Assets can hold different statuses, tasks should be a general indicator of what’s happening.
Notes/versions/published files nested under those tasks can hold statuses that help with highlighting progress with the right query fields on tasks or shots/assets. Leverage notes for bespoke things as much as possible with the open notes field. Lastly you can always create a text field on tasks for really random things but I’d do that as a last line of options as its the hardest do much with from a production management standpoint.

Hope that helps as another option


Also, Statussed have permissions attached so you can limit which permission group can change what status from A to B or the other way around.
This may help too.

But as been said, a task status really should define whats happening with that task, its waiting, ready, in progress, with outsource, complete…

Try looking into Event Automation which may help you create a proper flow of information through the system.

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