Defaulting Task Templates on Project entity

Is there a way to apply a default Task Template on the Project entity? I see there’s a way to set default Task Templates (on Shots, Assets, etc.) via the Project Tracking Settings, but not the ability to default Task Templates on the Project entity?

If not, there is likely something like this we can leverage:



Hi Stephen,

Thanks for writing in, we’ll be happy to help out here.

The project entity isn’t currently an entity that support tasks. Since it is the top-most entity in the hierarchy, there isn’t a way currently apple a task template (and then) add tasks that are only linked to the project.

I’m wondering if you could elaborate on the use-case of wanting to have tasks linked directly to the project? If you are looking to track tasks outside of any project specific entity (say generic overall tasks) you may want to consider enabling a custom-non project entity that you could enable tasks for.

If you can fill us in on your specific use case we’ll see how best we can advise.



my first posting in Community!

we have used the Project level Task Template in the past to create production to-do lists for show setup (book theatre time, etc), archiving (run clean up scripts) and show closing tasks (release theatre time, delete email aliases).

Now we are using this to push out quite a long list of Production / Supervisory tasks not related to shots or assets(client reviews, supervisor time spent not on shots, etc. ). This allows us to save the users the double-negative of logging time in shotgun AND into our payroll system. We have the tasks push data into the payroll system. Right now the push for all these templated tasks is manual.

The additional ask would be to also reveal these templates within the API so we can support them with existing tools under the hood. This would be a very big win vs only within the UI.



Hey @andrew.lawrence (and hi @heather.dinkins!),

^ Wanted to point out – The Project entity supports Tasks (and project-based Task Templates), but it does not support configuring a default Task Template to be applied upon all project entity creation (as is possible for other entities via the Project Tracking settings).

+1 to all the use-cases Heather outlined. Our use-case is similar, a lot of project setup- and archive/wrap-related activities that need to be tracked at the project level.

Great to hear from both of you, hope you’re both safe and well!



@Stephen and @heather.dinkins thanks for the feedback here. I’ll relay this to the rest of the team.