Isn't it available Default Task Template for excel importer?

Hi all,

I’ve found that Shotgun team added ‘Default Task Template’ on tracking settings menu and it is really useful for me.

The problem is my team members are using excel file to import their data to shotgun and it seems that ‘Default Task Template’ doesn’t works with excel importer on Shotgun web.

Are there additional steps to adjust default task template to excel importer?

Please let me know if you need more details.



Hi JT!

Welcome to the forums! Thanks for letting us know about this functionality with the importer, I can confirm that this is the current behaviour and there is not really a current workaround to this workflow. I’ve raised this with the team to have a look at this, but the current method is to include the task template field in your excel doc.

Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.



Hi Mason,

Including task template field in excel sheet can be a good solution for now. :slight_smile:
Thank you for letting me know this!
Hope default task template works with importer in near future.



I’ve come up against this issue with the Import Cut app as well, and unfortunately we can’t add a Template Task column as a workaround there. Right now I’m just periodically doing a bulk edit through the UI but it would be great to have the default templates apply in these workflows as well.


Hi JT glad to hear you are finding this feature useful! Just wanted to clarify- are you saying that when you import data from Excel (but don’t include the Task Template field) that it is not honouring the Default Task Template set in your project?


Hi Jack,

You’re right. I didn’t include the Task Template field when I imported data from Excel file.
I set the Default Task Template on asset entity but it is not included with my exported data.
Please let me know if my explanation is not clear enough.


So it sounds like we’ve missed this with our implementation. It should be the case that when you import data (and don’t include the Task Template field), the default task template you’ve set for the project should be applied.

I’ll relay this back, thanks!