Gantt view available for other Entities

Hey guys,

It will be awesome if we could use the Gantt view and his features on the others entities.

In a dev context, that will help us a lot to be able to plan Sprint or Epic with a Gantt representation.

Do you plan something like that ?



Hi @Marc_Dubrois - Welcome to the community! Great to have you here :wave:

Presently, there is no plan to expand the gantt view to other entities other than Tasks, but I can appreciate how this would be useful in certain contexts. Would you be able to provide a little more detail on how you would like that to work in your production? How do you currently work with Sprints in Shotgun (if at all)?



Hi Beth,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try to explain our process.

We have differents level Epic, Sprint, Ticket
For us an Epic is group of Tickets which define the Features for a particular thing like EvalUsd.
A Sprint is a group of tickets (linked to different Epic).
We must complete them in a period of time. Sprint can have different durations depending on the Department. R&D 2 weeks and TD 1 week for example.

Our process is :

  • We define the User Stories of the Epic
  • We convert User Stories into Tickets.
  • We estimate and define a priority order for each Ticket.
  • We link Tickets to Sprints.
  • We do not totally fill the Sprint with Tickets. We always let 30-40% of time dedicated to the support.

At the end of this exercice, we can see the planning from two point of view, Epic and Sprint.
With the Epic point of view, I can see if an Epic´s end match the start of a department. And have a kind of Roadmap with all the Epic displayed.
And with the Sprint, I can see if the R&D and the TD are aligned.

Let me know if you need more detail.



This is great @Marc_Dubrois - thank you so much for the detail. I can appreciate how the gantt chart would be of use on other entities than just Tasks in this use case. The only work around would be to create a Task under each epic/sprint to represent that epic/sprint’s timeline. Then you could go to a Task page, filter for only epic/sprint Tasks and see how they align with one another.

Let me know if you that could help, or if you have any further questions!


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