Scheduling pains, slow gantt

We have noticed terrible performance in our shotgun Gantt for months, and have just worked out that if we have no assignments the performance comes back, so we think there is a significant amount of work happening on work schedules that is slowing down performance. Has anyone else experienced this?

We have many case examples. We’re at a point where we’re trying to work out how we can avoid assigning people tasks, to just keep the performance. :sweat_smile:

I tried putting in a ticket via autodesk but it was down for maintenance

I’ve not experienced any slow down in the Gantt, just the usual plethora of bugs.

Is this specific slow down when you open the Gantt pane in a Task view? or in another context?

The only slowdown I can think of that would be directly correlated to Task assignments would be having and showing multiple assignment-based calculation and/or query fields on that same page; as those would take time to populate before the UI becomes fluid.

The slow down is on any task page, even without the gantt it’s taking over 20secs for dates to flash that they have saved the change, even on pages without query fields displayed and only showing 10 tasks.

When we removed the task assignments, and leave assigned to blank, the speed went back to normal.

We use groups as assignments a lot, before the tasks are assigned to actual artists, we are moving away from this now we’ve worked out this connection to speed. I wish there was a way to tell shotgun to not calculate the working schedule if the task is assigned to a group.

We have also come up against a bug a number of times, where the group ID is the same as a person ID, so even though the person isn’t in the group and deactivated in shotgun, each time we move a task assigned to this group, it looks up the deactivated persons work schedule and applies it to the gantt.

Oh wow okay, that sounds like a pickle indeed. I mean without working at ShotGrid myself I can’t say why you’re experiencing this, it could be work schedule but it could also be related to contracts, bookings (set to Vacation) or any other ‘People’ affecting entity.

For ‘dummy’ users I used to use Groups but yeah I’ve moved to making deactivated users now myself, there’s no perfect solution

Hi Samantha,

The issue you are experience looks a known incident in Gantt chart using old versions of ShotGrid.
This incident was fixed in the ShotGrid 8.34 release.
Current cloud sites release is 8.37 and the incident should not be present.
If you are working in a ShotGrid cloud site, please open a support case using your Autodesk Account in the Account portal or through the Contact Support link in the Autodesk Knowledge Network Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Knowledge Network

If you are not using a cloud ShotGrid Site please verify your current ShotGrid version and contact me offline for additional details about the upgrade.


@MatteoVeglia Thanks heaps for sharing your experience though

@FernandoNovo Thats amazing news. We are local, not cloud. We are on 8.31. We’ll update and I’ll reach out if we don’t see an improvement.

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