Problem with the schedule Gantt display


I use the Gantt display in the schedule to create and adjust my project calendar. Everything was working great until last week.

  • If I go in the schedule with the grouping and sorting I’ve saved, I no longer see the date columns in the display (It is blank and I have to scroll right so that they appear out of nowhere).
  • I also do not see the bars corresponding to the start and deadline of the tasks (I have to change one of the settings in my grouping, like expand all groups, or add or remove a filter to make them appear).
  • I cannot move those bars properly anymore. If I try to move one, either it doesn’t move or it goes somewhere else. And sometimes moving just one makes other bars move.

This is a really big issue for me. Has there been an update in Shotgun that could be doing this? Could it be a browser issue?



Hi @pdm,

Sorry for the gantt/grouping trouble there. It looks like this may be related to a recent bug that surfaced. The fix should be going out shortly, check out the release notes here. Once your site has been updated to, let’s confirm all is working as expected, sound good?

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