Inbox notes only showing original post and not last reply

Hi gyus,

We’ve reported that a while back but it’s still annoying us. In the inbox, a reply to a note is not shown with the sender and content of the reply, but with the sender and content of the original note, which ruins the usability - you need to click on the note to read the conversation, otherwise you’re just looking at a pile of the same notifications. I’m attaching an example.


Annotation 2020-07-27 152709|403x500


Hey Hristo,

Definitely agree the Inbox UI could use some enhancements like that. There aren’t any immediate plans to tackle the Inbox this year, and I’d recommend submitting your idea through the roadmap site which will be assessed by the product team.


Sorry to hear that - the inbox is one of the main points of interaction with Shotgun, and it’s showing its age