iOS app - can't reply to notes


I don’t have an iPhone so am just being the conduit here:
My cg supervisor tells me that he can’t reply to notes via the Shotgun app, only add new notes. This has caused a number of hiccups along the way, such as him and me replying to a client with the same info (thank god we weren’t contradicting each other), because I did not see his note as a reply to the original client note.
Is this something that can be fixed/added? Seems quite a severe shortcoming to me.

And of course the inevitable question: will we ever see an Android version? I have been waiting patiently for years :grimacing:

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Heya @frank - the iOS app supports new note creation only. Back around launch, there was talk of adding support but resources went to other efforts. Same can be said for Android.

You can submit your requests to the productboard/roadmap portal or if you have a bigger mobile support request feel free to DM me and I can pass along (and also add to pb).

ok, thanks. I might have to discourage people from using the app then

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Hey @frankcheck out this unofficial SG Android app that @ralbertson just shared to the community. Might be of interest!


oh awesome, will install right now, thanks!

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“This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”

Doh! I saw your reply in the other topic. :crossed_fingers:

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